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CNAs and their Work

Who are Certified Nursing Assistants?

Ceritfied Nursing Aides are the individuals who work under the control of Registered Nurses (RNs) to help patients with basic medical care wants. To become a successful CNA, one must be emotionally stable and have lots of patience. CNAs have to face lot of obstacles in the duty hours because of work burden and plenty of other reasons. But the compassion and ability in patient care helps with reducing the stress due to work burden.

Responsibilities of CNAs

CNAS work in different Medical Settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, old care centers and many more. They work closely with patients in other to rely urgent info to the nurses about the fitness of the patient. The duties of Medical Assistant include:

Feeding, washing, dressing, showering.

Assisting with ambulation

Helping with physical treatment exercises.

Helping with medical equipments.

Relaying of information to the nurses.

Maintaining correct medical record documentation

Different kind of Degrees in this field

For getting CNA job one must be high school graduate and it might be better if you have some form of nursing instruction. These courses are offered by different medical care settings. There are some online courses also. Some health care associate degrees that help to prepare scholars to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant are as follows:

Associate Degree in Health & Human Services

Associate Degree in Health Info Technology

Associate Degree in Health-care Administration

Associate Degree in Medical Helping

Associate Degree in Medical Billing & Coding

Associate Degree in Medical Office Administration

Associate Degree in Medical Records

Associate Degree in Medical Transcription

Seriousness of Certified Nursing Assistants

Becoming a CNA can be a lifetime career or a stepping stone to future nursing advancement. CNAs are the key person of patients ' care who provides daily care needed for patients during their treatments. CNAs also gain valuable nursing experiences which will be beneficial for future work experiences. Many CNAs continue to work in this job for years where as some take this job as a initial step to enter other nursing prospects.

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